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»The increasing complexity of the construction industry and building technology requires modern energy-efficient products, services and solutions for the ever-changing market and framework conditions.»


In addition to the high dependency on trade cycles of the construction industry, regional aspects and regulations must be observed above all.

In industrialised countries, the increasing need for sanitation, legal requirements and higher quality lead to permanent modifications and extensions of the product, service and consulting portfolio.
At the same time, customers in the new construction-intensive emerging markets expect customised service offerings adjusted to the high price pressure and demand for quality.
The long-time Consultic staff analyses the construction industry and building technology worldwide and finds the right strategies to cope with this complexity for our customers.
Our focus lies in the areas of

In addition, we conduct standardised interviews and detailed technical discussions annually with over 15,000 handworkers from various trades, architects, engineers and investors worldwide.
For over 20 years, we have also used our own wholesale panel and created country structural analyses for different trades.
Leading building material and technical building equipment manufacturers worldwide rely on this expertise in following topics

For this, we use a wide variety of different methods ranging from secondary analysis, standard interviews to expert talks and group discussions.