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»Chemical products and plastics are experiencing sustained global growth.«


Applications and operational fields are complex and varied.The point here is to keep the perspective and to identify sustainable and profitable applications.

Chemicals, commodities or specialities are used in a variety of manufacturing industries. Detailed information on these markets are essential for the chemical industry. The plastic-producing and processing industry is in a very dynamic heterogeneous market environment. In addition, topics such as climate change, CO² emissions, energy efficiency, but also sustainable consumer protection, recycling, marine litter, as well as the issues of raw material costs and international competition provide for a steady change in product use and applications.

We determine transparent information with regard to current and future sales markets for you and analyse substitution processes and demand changes in the various sales markets.

One focus of our activities is the area of recycling and the disposal of plastic products at the end of their product life cycle. With our Europe-wide studies conducted regularly in this sector, we offer all market participants important information for the development of suitable concepts for high-quality secondary raw materials as recyclates or for use as fuel.

Our portfolio of services includes, among other things,

Our methodical lines of action are often based on hybrid approaches (qualitative / quantitative) in standard interviews in combination with expert discussions and the inclusion of existing secondary data.