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»The electrical industry provides many industries with the key to optimisation.«


Product differentiation and development is now dominated by its equipping with electrical, information and communication technology.

Here, the electrical industry has many faces - its products are found in almost all areas of our lives - both in business and private sectors.

Important objectives such as energy, electric mobility, security, health care and industry 4.0 are only accessible through the high competence and strong innovative strength of the companies in the electrical industry.

To be able to exist in this environment and actively shape it, sound knowledge of the markets is required.

For more than 20 years, Consultic has accompanied leading companies in the electrical industry in this manner with

Regardless of whether these are modules, components, systems or whole plants: Our engineers and economists speak your language and have the know-how to go into depth and develop targeted solutions. They identify requirements and trends and deduce the appropriate conclusions and recommendations for your business.

From the electrical installation to process control technology - from sensors to generators - Consultic is your competent partner for market research and market-oriented consultation.