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»Medical Technology and connected IT systems are both global growth markets with high potential for innovation.«


Medical Technology is increasingly facing the challenge of positioning innovations under continuously changing approval requirements and rising cost pressure.

Technological drivers are digitization and miniaturization. In addition to the improvement and development of products, the desire of health care systems for the data-technical integration of systems plays a significant role.

The proximity of the IT industry to the medical technology is also evident. IT solutions are certified as medical technology products nowadays. Other important trends in the field of B2B IT include data security, cloud computing, industry 4.0 and smart home.

With its tech-savvy consultants, Consultic supports customers in the medical technology and IT sectors with the optimization of products and systems as well as the assessment of market opportunities culminating in the development of the market strategy.

Our expertise in this area includes

We also conduct regular surveys in hospitals with medical technology providers and suppliers.

For our surveys, we use a wide range of different methods from standard and expert interviews on through group discussions. We have particular experience in hybrid approaches (qualitative / quantitative) and the inclusion of secondary statistical data.