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Brand philosophy and management are also increasingly important in the B2B area.

Regardless of whether companies pursue an umbrella brand strategy (corporate branding) or a single brand strategy (house of brands): Strong brands are important signposts for customers and key success factors..

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Brands provide support and orientation in a more and more diffuse market environment, full of pseudo brands with offers and promises which are hardly verifiable.

Consultic brand analyses measure the strength of your brand in the competitive comparison over the long term. This ensures the success of your brand and your business. We analyse both the brand image and the brand essence. This is the very quintessence of the brand, its identity. It describes the fundamental values of the brand, formed over many years.

The Consultic brand essential analysis will accompany you on the way to the target profile of your brand in

Our focus on B2B market research and consulting guarantees a professional implementation of your study through our market know-how and optimal access to your target groups.