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Only those who know their market, are capable of navigating their company successfully

Sound knowledge with regard to market needs and potential are essential for successful market positioning or for a successful entry onto a new market.


In addition, it is the prerequisite for the planning, development and introduction of new products and services. We identify and assess the current situation as well as the future development for your product or service sector. We determine your potential and find out for you how you can position or launch your product / service successfully on the market and thus best take advantage of your opportunities, this includes, among other things


Stop-or-go recommendation

An expensive and complex market entry without sufficient market potential is counter productive to your business success.

We check whether there is sufficient potential for your market entry.

Your best potential and market entry strategy

Validation and verification of data: We don´t just rely on one investigative approach! Consultic hybrid approach: The conducting of quantitative market surveys and expert discussions on project manager level, e.g with...

as well as the conducting of secondary research, e.g. the evaluation of global technology and business databases, analysis of statistics, use of professional journals and publications of all kinds, Internet research, Consultic´s own information. Take advantage of the Consultic market and potential analysis for your strategic decisions.

Consultic – your market experts