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Regular product innovations and developments are a central component in successful companies

Continuous development and optimisation of the product range is a fundamental building block for business success.

layoutbild-entwicklung.jpgIn highly developed markets, even small innovations can make a difference and be an important USP - if they bring added value for customers.
We accompany you in the often complex process of product development from brainstorming to the concept and product testing to the marketing.

Already at the beginning of the process, we assist you with qualitative pre-studies such as focus groups and in-depth interviews in order to establish further development steps thus avoiding possible "costly development mistakes" in a timely manner. The conjoint analysis is a field-proven method for market-oriented product / service development. Here, the tangible benefits of individual product features or services are determined using fictitious purchase decisions of holistic product alternatives. Based on this and using additional market simulation calculations involving competitors` products, we will show you:

These are, of course, not only applicable to product properties / technical features, but also for services: The secret of success may lie in the optimisation and further development of the service provision especially with mature products. In all of these analyses, we always keep an eye on the price issue:

Using modern methods of data collection such as interactive CATI (respondent is actively involved, sees the problems partly on the screen), we can conduct these studies even with difficult B2B target groups / limited population.